This is a virtual edition of an elementary algebra textbook with some review of real numbers and arithmetic. It is intended to be used online, although portions, such as the exercises and summaries, may be printed. When printing, please reduce the zoom level to avoid printing excessive pages. The font size is large for ease of online use. It is too large for the printed page.




  Each Module (B through H) is broken down into various sections in much the same way as a textbook’s chapters are segmented into sections. Each section has a main lesson titled after the section name, a supplementary lesson, exercises and answers to those exercises. Some sections have additional lessons, summaries and supplements. The last section in each module contains review exercises and answers and a practice test.

  Ideally, the lessons should be viewed in a top-down order. The supplementary examples may be viewed as needed. The answers to each exercise are provided to confirm understanding of the material.

  Most pages have TOC icons on the bottom left for return to the table of contents. Within each section, pages allow for the return to the front page of the module via a Unit# icon on the bottom right.

  Each lesson and supplemental lesson is in flash format. The lessons may be navigated in several ways:

a) by using the right/left keyboard arrows

b) by mouse-clicking the screen to advance

c) by using the scroll-bar to advance or reverse

d) by advancing to the next/previous slide by using

the arrows on the bottom left of the flash screen.

The left arrow key may be used for reverse. The scroll-bar allows for rapid advancement. The current slide number and the total number of slides are visible on the bottom left of the flash screen. Additional adjustments to volume and screen size are available on the bottom right side of the flash screen.

  It is important to remember that each lesson is animated. If the mouse is clicked prematurely or the right arrow is applied to soon, important aspects of the animation may be missed. Try to wait until all animation has ceased before advancing. It is always possible to reverse using the left arrow key when it appears that the lesson has ‘skipped’ (advanced too quickly).




  The author welcomes and encourages feedback. Please use for this purpose.