Week Three (5 Points)

O.K. This week we have to get down to basics. You're textbook has cost you some money and I want to make sure you get something out of it. This week you will be required to prove to me that you have read the first five chapters of State and Local Politics by John Straayer, Robert Wrinkle, and J.L. Polinard.


The reading requirements for this course are very reasonable, considering that you do not have to sit through lectures. I believe the textbook is straightforward, concise, and easy to understand. So please, if you will, answer the following questions by way of an e-mail.

1. What are the primary purposes of state constitutions?

2. What does the term "Gerrymander" refer to?

3. The statement "The state breathes life into localities, so too it can take life away" best describes?

4. What is federalism?

5. What are the various roles of state Governors?

6. Describe some activities of state and local government in the following areas: Public Health and Safety; Public Utilities; Crime and Corrections: Social Services; Land Use Control; Jobs and Economic Development; Public Fun; Citizenship and Civil Life.

7. What kind of federalism did we have in the United States from 1789-1930s? From the 1930s to the 1960s? And from the 1970s to the 1990s?

8. Describe the expansion of the federal government that is associated with a change in federalism in the 1960s?

9. Describe the difference between Block grants and Categorical Grants-in-Aid?

10. In a paragraph, how are state legislatures generally organized?

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