MAT 206


Tu Th: 9:30-11:10 AM

R 204



TEXTBOOKS: We will be using two free pdf textbooks available online at:

Textbooks: A more proof-based approach A more applied approach

We will also be utilizing online videos at both the Khan Academy and MIT Open Courseware:

Matrices Videos:

Linear Algebra Videos:



In this course we will assign outside videos for you to watch to introduce many of the topics. We will then go over the topics in class and work some examples to see if you understand. We want the class to be more interactive, and are also adding this recitation aspect to the course to cover all your learning needs.

We will assign homework problems in the online texts and other texts by giving you handouts. We will also provide you with the answers and go over solutions in class, as needed (the recitation aspect). Many of the problems will come either from, Linear Algebra and its Applications by Gilbert Strang, as well as Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra by Carl D. Meyer. These are both very good textbooks for certain aspects of the subject, and if you can find a copy of either one online or at a bookseller, we would recommend getting one or both, if it is not cost prohibitive. We would recommend the Meyer book first. Another useful textbook is: Elementary Linear Algebra by Anton and Rorres.

In addition to the homework that is not collected, but used to prepare you for the class, we will also assign several application-based problem sets, to show you how linear algebra is used. Questions like these will not be on the exams or the final, but are used to give you exposure to linear algebra beyond classroom exercises. You can work together on groups, but members of a group may be called upon to explain your solutions.