Worksheet Evolution





Dr. Rosa Gambier
Biology Department
Suffolk County Community College
William J, Lindsay 304
or Smithtown Science Bldg. T27
533 College Rd.
Selden, NY 11784


Worksheet 10



  1.  What is evolution?
  2. What is Natural Selection?
  3. Explain how natural selection works.
  4. Who was the scientist that studied evolution and wrote “Evolution of the Species”?
  5. What did Darwin do to find evidence for evolution?
  6. What were his conclusions after the voyage of the Beagle?
  7. What is the evidence that evolution occurred.  Name the 6 types of evidence.
  8. How do fossils provide evidence that organisms did not evolve all at once?
  9. How does comparative anatomy provide evidence of evolution?
  10. How do functionless structures in some organisms explain evolution?
  11. What is convergent evolution?  What are analogous structures?  Examples.
  12. How are similarities in the early stages of development evidence of evolution?
  13. What is the molecular evidence of evolution?
  14. How does evolution occur?
  15. What is Natural Selection?
  16. How does natural selection work?
  17. What species did Darwin used to explain Natural selection?
  18. Explain the game that you played in lab based on what you know now about natural selection an evolution.