Aaron Kramer (1921-1997)

'The first thing she did, coming back, was examine each wall
inch by inch, not with eyes of a specialist trained for inspection,
but of someone who'd suddenly learned about symmetry all
that needs to be learned, about frames and their fragile perfection."

from "Postoperative Care"

    This page is devoted to the American poet, translator, and educator and will include information about Kramer, access to his bibliography, and links to other sites related to Kramer and his work 
    This page is for Aaron and Kitty.

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                                       Wicked Times: Selected Poems of Aaron Kramer
                                     Edited by Cary Nelson and Donald Gilzinger Jr
                                            University of Illinois Press, July 2004
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            Aaron Kramer Bibliography Text                          

Aaron Kramer Links:

Aaron Kramer's Homepage
an essential site for information about Aaron Kramer that also contains valuable bibliographic links

Aaron Kramer Collection
a bibliographic site at SUNY Stony Brook University listing an extensive Kramer audio collection

Aaron Kramer Papers: Guide
a descriptive summary of the Kramer material at the Houghton Library, Harvard University. Click on OASIS Search to access the Kramer material.

Alan Filreis: Literature & Culture of the American 1950s
a valuable site that includes many readings and links regarding modern American poetry and to1950s America . . . the period during which Kramer published some of his most vigorous poetry of political resistance in the collections: THRU EVERY WINDOW!  (1950), DENMARK VESEY (1952), ROLL THE FORBIDDEN DRUMS! (1954), and A BALLAD OF AUGUST BONDI (1955)  

Dora Teitelboim Center / Yiddish Culture
a sociocultural site with information about ALL MY YESTERDAYS WERE STEPS (1995) (Kramer's translations of Dora Teitelboim from the Yiddish) and THE LAST LULLABY: POETRY FROM THE HOLOCAUST (1997) (Kramer's translations from the Yiddish) as well as other activities of the Dora Teitelboim Foundation

Dr. Aaron Kramer Collection
a bibliographic site at the Connetquot Public Library, Bohemia, NY 11716

Modern American Poetry: The Poets
Cary Nelson's essential site provides links to companion sites for the 161 modern American poets included in his Anthology of Modern American Poetry (Oxford UP, 2001). Indispensable for information concerning many of Kramer's contemporaries including Joy Davidman, Sol Funaroff, Langston Hughes, and Edwin Rolfe. Kramer is also listed on this site.

University of Michigan: Special Collections Library: Aaron Kramer Papers

the largest, most comprehensive archive of Kramer material. Includes correspondence files, manuscripts and notes, and audio and video recordings of lectures and readings. This collection is so large that it is not yet entirely described.



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