EG42 Introduction to Literary Criticism


Course Outline for the spring 2002 semester

A Glossary of Literary Criticism Terms
[from Okanagan University College, British Columbia]

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
[by Prof. Jack Lynch, University of Pennsylvania]

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

Kate Chopin: Domestic Goddess

Nathaniel Hawthorne Homepage

Robert Browning: An Overview

Reader-Response: Various Positions
[from Prof. John Lye, Brock University, Ontario]

Structuralism and Literature
    [from Prof. John Lye, Brock University, Ontario]

[from University of Colorado at Denver]

Psychoanalytic Theory
[from Prof. John Lye, Brock University, Ontario]

Feminist Theory
[from University of Washington]

Marxist Literary Criticism
[from Duke University]
    [from University of Leeds, UK]

Postcolonial Literature
[from Brown University]

Gender Studies Page
[from Voice of the Shuttle]
[queer studies, LGBT studies, gender studies, etcetera] 

LGBT Philosophy Site
[links to academic sites relating to queer theory and other LGBT resources]

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