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                                                          Course Outline

Catalog No.: EG 55 (ENG 207)                                                               Course Title: Mass Media

Instructor: Dr Donald Gilzinger Jr                                                                     Semester: Fall 2005

Office: Islip 2K                                                                Office Hours: M 11:00-2:00, T 10:45-12:15
Phone: 451.4095 or English Dept. 451.4159                                       W 12:30-2:00, Th 10:45-11:15

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Objectives of the course:


1. demonstrate understanding of the various forms of mass media, including books, newspapers,
magazines, radio, recordings, film, television, computers and the Internet, public relations, and
2. use appropriate critical tools and insights to analyze and to interpret the media.
3. apply theories of media and popular culture to determine the influences on the media
and to evaluate the impact of the media on us.
4. write analytical essays that demonstrate the following qualities: controlling purpose, clear focus,
adequate development, logical organization, and the use of supporting details.

Our procedures for accomplishing the objectives:

1. Classroom lectures to provide introductory material and to establish a framework for discussion.
2. Written assignments designed to evoke a critical response to the mass communications system.
3. Media material such as film, video, audio recordings, and Web sites to represent and demonstrate
the sociocultural effects of the media.

Your requirements for completion of the course:

1. Complete satisfactorily all reading assignments. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Class discussions
will build upon, but not repeat, the assigned readings. Readings will be used as jumping off points for
class discussions; I expect you to have completed the readings before class meets.
2. Participate actively in class discussions.
3. Complete all writing assignments, submit them when due, and revise or correct them when asked to.
assignment must be typed double-spaced. LATE PAPERS WILL BE GRADED DOWN ONE FULL
GRADE PER DAY. If you cannot be in class on the day a paper is due, it is your responsibility to have it
placed in my mailbox that day.
4. View or listen to all audiovisual material, in the classroom or in the library media center, as assigned.
5. Schedule conferences with me when necessary.

Procedure for grading:

Your final grade will be determined by an evaluation of your entire semester's work, with special emphasis
on completion of the course objectives. However, grading will generally follow this guideline: Essays (two)
30%; Tests (four) 60% [bring a SCANTRON form to each test]; Class participation 10%

Concerning absence, lateness, and classroom courtesy:

- Attendance in mandatory. You may have three (3) absences. I will drop you from the course after three
absences and give you a grade of W or F according to my discretion.
- If you are late you must assume personal responsibility to ensure that the attendance record is altered
after class. I will not change the record at a later date. - A pattern of tardiness will result in a lower final grade.
- At my discretion, two lates will equal one absence.
- Absence is not an excuse for missing an assignment.
- You may not leave class before the end of the session. Turn off all electronics before class begins.
- A missed test may not be made up at a later date and will count as a grade of zero (0).

Textbook: John Vivian. The Media of Mass Communication. 7/e. 2006 Update

Semester outline: [subject to change as necessary]

1: Introduction
2: Ch 15: mass communication
3: Ch 1: the mass media
4: Ch 2: print: books
5: Ch 4: print: newspapers
6: Ch 3: print: magazines
7. Test: Chapters 1-4 and 15
8: Ch 7: electronic: radio
9: Ch 5: electronic: sound recordings
10: Ch 6: photographic: film [essay #1 due]
11: Ch 8: photographic: television
12: Ch 9: digital: the Internet and the Web
13: Test: Chapters 5-9
14: Ch 18: global mass media
15: Ch 11: public relations
16: Ch 12: advertising
17: Ch 13: entertainment
18: Test: Chapters 11-13 and 18 [essay #2 due]
19: Ch 16: mass media effects
20: Ch 17: mass media and society
21: Test: Chapters 16-17