EG58 ( ENG210) Science Fiction


Course Outline for This Semester
   You will find an on-line copy of the course outline for the fall 2004 semester when you click on this link.

General Science Fiction Sites:

The Science Fiction Research Association
Simply the most valuable SF site (but please recall that I'm a member of the SFRA and, therefore, inclined to be overly fond of its site) with valuable links including to the SFRA Review.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database
Access to over 50,000 historical and critical items about sf, fantasy, and horror. An excellent site at which to start research. A labor of love compiled by Hal W. Hall at the Texas A&M University Library.

Science Fiction Studies
Science Fiction Studies is the most prestigious journal in the field. This site publishes abstracts of all SFS articles plus full text of reviews, historical documents, and selected essays. The SFS site also includes the best available collection of SF links (listed under WORMHOLES) covering all aspects of sf culture.

Locus Magazine
Locus Magazine, the best of the semi-professional SF magazines, provides up-to-date information and news about writers, artists, publishing, film and television, awards, conventions, and other matters of concern to the science fiction community. An important source if you are interested in the people in the field.

Sites Devoted to Writers We Are Reading This Semester:

    Octavia Estelle Butler: An Unofficial Web Page

    My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Hatrack River: The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card

    Philip K. Dick

    virtualmatrix: a tribute to William Gibson                                    

    Ursula K. Le Guin's World

    Solaris: The Official Stanislaw Lem Site

    H.G. Wells Society

     Book-A-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Page
If you find reading the books for EG58 too time consuming, in fact, if you find Cliff's Notes, Barron's, and Monarch Notes way too long to read, try this site which provides ultra-condensed versions of major SF & F novels. I've added it for your enlightenment and enjoyment. But please remember, I've read all this stuff, too.


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