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DISCLAIMER: This page dates back to the time when I, Alex Kasiukov, was involved in the technology training of newly hired adjunct faculty. I am no longer involved in the training, and am not responsible for maintaining any part of the college IT infrastructure. Please don't contact me with maintenance questions. This page is not actively maintained, therefore the information below may be out of date. I left it here in the hope that it may be useful -- perhaps not in giving you the exact contact information, but at least as a way to point you in the right direction. If you are a student, this document does not pertain to you at all. Please email me at if you have any questions left.

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For all Sayville Downtown Center contacts, please call Mickey O'Brien (Dean Manning's secretary)
at (631) 854-4940 or fax to (631) 854-4942. More information is available in the College Brief 16.
Picture ID Card

You need to get a picture ID card. The locations of the offices issuing the cards are listed below.

Ammerman Grant East
  • Campus Activities in the Babylon Student Center, (631) 451-4375
  • Huntington Library, (631) 451-4800
  • Registrar's Office in the Ammerman Building, (631) 451-4004
  • Public Safety Office in the North Cottage, (631) 851-6777
  • Registrar's Office in the Caumsett Hall, (631) 851-6780
  • Library/Cashier area in the Peconic Building, 2nd floor, (631) 548-2541
Media Services

Most smart classroom functions can be duplicated in any classroom. Call your campus Media Department to book classroom services. The equipment will be delivered to your classroom on a smart cart. Smart carts are equipped with

  • personal computer
  • data projector
  • speakers
  • wireless Internet capability

Additionally, the following equipment is available:

  • Slide projector
  • Audio cassette recorder/CD player
  • Camcorder
  • Digital camera
  • Film projector
  • Portable PA system & microphone
  • Record player

Computers have the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Specialty software can usually be loaded upon request. If you require software to be installed, please contact the ETU representative in your area at least 48 hours prior to your reservation.

Also available for classroom use:

Ammerman Grant East
(631) 451-4189 (631) 851-6742 (631) 548-2542
Academic Computing

Call your campus Academic Computer Center to arrange class visits to the computer lab.

Ammerman Grant East
(631) 451-4211 (631) 851-6556 (631) 548-2612

Call your campus Library to arrange class lectures for your courses. Students/Faculty will learn all the benefits available at your campus Library.

Visit the library on the web at to use library resources.

Use your user name and password to search library databases at

Ammerman Grant East
(631) 451-4170 (631) 851-6740 (631) 548-2536
Teaching and Learning Centers (TLC)

Visit your campus TLC to do email, Internet research, discuss teaching strategies with other faculty, and attend workshops, utilize computers and software.

Ammerman Grant East
Donna DellaRocca Gayle Sheridan Sonia Sanchez
(631) 451-4461 (631) 851-6560 (631) 548-2606
scclist Mailing List

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subscribe scclist [your username]
(replace "[your username]" with the real thing).

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