MAT101 - Survey in Mathematical Reasoning

MAT101 Course Syllabus

Exam1 Supplemental Review   

Exam 2 Supplemental Review-  Be sure to study all homework as well.  Some answers were recently updated ( # 48, 54, 60, 75) as we discussed in class.

Exam 3 Supplemental Review

Greek Alphabet



9/3/09:  The class website has been updated with homework for the semester.

10/2/09:  The supplemental review below is provided to give you some additional problems to study for the upcoming exam.  Note that this is a supplemental review and does not cover everything that we did in class thus far.  Be sure to go over the assigned homework for a more detailed study plan. You may print and bring this to class on Tuesday should you wish to go over any of the examples. 


HW:  page 122 Do # 1 - 14,

10/24/09: Hand In Assignment due 10/28/09:  Read the Excursion on page 121 and submit # 4 , 6 and 16 ( Extra credit ).  Note that #16 requires an explanation that requires proper mathematical notation and terminology to explain your reasoning.  I will talk more about logical circuits this coming week and as such, you should be prepared to ask questions regarding this assignment at that time. 

10/30/09:  I have updated the homework for section 3.5 and 3.6.  Please see below for the required assignment and for an announcement of exam 2.  A review sheet with solutions is also posted for you on the top of this page.   I will take questions on this review sheet on Thursday, November 5th.




For all homework problems:   O = odd, EOO = Every other odd in the range,  A=All



Number System Conversions  (Will be used towards the end of the course)