MAR 105 (Oceanography)



(1)   Course Syllabus


Student Outlines:

(2)   Section 1

(3)   Section 2

(4)   Section 3


Powerpoint presentations:


Section 1

(1)   Intro. 1

(2)   Intro 2 (no need to print – LI info.)

(3)   Plate Tectonics, lecture 3

(4)   Ocean Basin, lecture 4


Section 2

(5)   Seawater, lecture 5

(6)   Atmospheric Circ., Lecture 6 (note: print out w/ #7, below, as I may start w/ that lecture first)

(7)   Ocean Circ., Lecture 7 (see note above)

(8)   Waves, lecture 8

(9)   Tides, lecture 9 (note: material may be covered in section 3 of course?)



Section 3

Notes: See notes at end of section 2, above. Material may be covered in a different order than presented here – refer to course syll. For order of lecture material to be covered (& print out in appropriate order)

(10)                       Coasts and Beaches, lecture 10 (print 1st for section)

(11)                       Capstone, lecture 11 (last lecture of semester, do not print)

(12)                       Marine Biology Lecture (Print 3rd, attach w/ plankton, below)

(13)                       Plankton (print 2nd w/ Marine Bio, above)

(14)                       If time permits: “Pollution Lecture” (for use w/ Capstone, do not print)

(15)                       If time permits: “Global Climate Change” lecture (for use w/ Capstone, do not print)




Please note that all labs are now copied and bundled together and SHOULD BE PURCHASED AT THE BOOKSTORE. However, if you need to view an (old) copy they can be accessed here:

(1)   Scientific Method

(2)   Plate tectonics Lab (prelim. Only), remaining materials available from Instructor

(3)   Ocean Contour 1 (w/o graph)

(4)   Ocean Contour 2 (w/o graph)

(5)   To get graphs (for Ocean Contours, above) you can either (1) Make your own or (2) view Dr. McNamara’s site at: for link.

(6)   Powerpoints/Slides for “Plate Tectonics” & “Ocean Contour” Lab(s)

(7)   Ocean Circulation Lab

(8)   Sediment Analysis

(9)   Salinity, Temp. and Density

(10)                       Waves

(11)                       Capstone

(12)                       Marine Bio (info. Only – not a semester lab)

(13)                       Pollution

(14)                       Plankton



(1)   How to write a lab report

(2)   Journal Project  (EC)

(3)   Perfect Storm (EC)

(4)   Perfect Storm (EC)

(5)   WHAT’S MY GRADE????

(6)   Capstone



 Field Trips:

(1)   Smiths Pt. directions

(2)   American Museum of Natural History - AMNH Extra Credit Option

(3)   AMNH directions

(4)   Long Island Aquarium (old Atlantis Marine World) – see Marine Biology page for link to question

(5)   Cradle of Aviation (IMAX) EC – will be changed soon!