1938 Hurricane

The Log Cabin

The following was sent to me by Nancy Simon of Denver, CO, on July 10, 2011.

Log cabin made from felled treesLog cabin made from felled trees

Log cabin made from felled trees. Click for large view.
Hi Scott,

We lived in Hollis (Queens) at the time of the hurricane. I was seven years old and the public school (P.S. 135) was 3-4 blocks from our house. I remember holding onto trees as I walked home from school and if I remember correctly my mother saw me and came out to help me get home. But the big deal is that my father and cousin went out to the end of the Island and brought home cut logs to build me a play house in our backyard. I have pictures if you are interested. The little house had working windows, a drop leaf built-in table and ,of course, was water proofed. I spent many happy hours in the "log cabin" that was the talk of the neighborhood. The cabin was built in the spring of 1939, I believe.

Nancy Simon
Denver, Colorado

Remembering The Hurricane of 1938
Geological Impact

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