Regarding Dr. Easterbrook’s Hide the Incline fraud, below is an email I just sent to the WWU President, Provost, Dept. Chair and several staff at each office:


Dear Academic Colleagues,


Are you aware that Dr. Don Easterbrook has intentionally misrepresented climatic temperature reconstructions at the Geological Society of America in Denver in October 2007 and also more recently at the Heartland Institute sponsored The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change on May 16-18, 2010?


His presentation fraud has been outed on several blogs and Dr. Easterbrook has been notified.  Instead of correcting his presentation, he has chosen to dig in his heels.  This flawed presentation and Dr. Easterbrook’s subsequent denial of this fraud is not helping the image of Western Washington University and its Geology Dept.  For more information please see:


Perhaps one of you can convince him to correct his presentation and issue a public apology in order to preserve the name of his former University?



My reply to President Shepard’s comments:


Dear Colleagues,


In the words of the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."


Science progresses from intellectual conversation but that conversation must be based on fact and not willful deceit.  I think your concern of mediocrity pales in comparison to the potential damage caused by dishonesty dressed up as science.  Dr. Easterbrook was contacted by others and he did respond so I did not believe it was necessary to contact him.  You have a loose canon on your ship and I alerted you.  What you do now is certainly not up to me.


Dr. Easterbrook did reply and I will respond to him (and to all) in the next message.  I do appreciate that you took time out of your day to reply to me when you could just have easily deleted the message.



If any of you wish to do the same the contact info appears below:


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WWU Geology Dept. Chair: