Climate Change Caused by Humans
Global Warming is Caused by Cosmic Rays

Fiction: Global Warming is Caused by Cosmic Rays

The claim: Cosmic rays increase low level clouds. When the sun is strong, cosmic rays decrease which decreases clouds – causing a warmer climate.

Figure 1 (Laut, 2003) shows cosmic ray intensity vs. low cloud anomalies.

Cosmic Rays and Clouds
Figure 1: Low cloud cover (blue line) versus cosmic ray intensity (red line)

There is NO DEFINITIVE LINK between cosmic rays (red) and low clouds (blue). Quite the opposite is true: since 1991 there has been NO COORELATION.

Figure 2 Solanki & Krivova, 2003) shows cosmic ray intensity vs. global temperature anomaly. Cosmic ray intensity shows NO COORELATION TO CLIMATE since 1985.

Cosmic rays vs. Global Temperature Anomaly
Figure 2: Cosmic ray intensity vs. global temperature anomaly

Newer studies reveal that cosmic rays cannot explain the modern day global warming:

Peter Laut, Professor (emeritus) of physics at The Technical University of Denmark and former scientific advisor on climate change for The Danish Energy Agency has a very good history of the cosmic ray hypothesis, its failures, and its strange following which can be read here.

No Solar InfluencePeter Sinclair's Climate Crock of the Week: Solar Schmolar
Watch this video that illustrates why the sun cannot be causing the current global warming.

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