Online Class Questionnaire

The following form is in three parts:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Course Related
  3. Brief Biographical Narrative

Please answer "all "questions carefully and to the best of your ability. Click on the "Submit" button when completed and the form will automatically be sent to me.

Warning - All my online courses require that you build and publish web pages. You will post all your work on the web; it is a requirement and there are no exceptions. There is help for this process but some students do not have the patience or perseverence to survive in these courses with this requirement. Decide accordingly. If you decide to drop the course, please let me know as soon as possible so others, who are waiting, might sign up.

Thank you.


t Information.

Part 1: Contact Information

1.Your Full Name

2. Street Address

3. City

4. State 5. Zip

6. Telephone: Area Code Phone

7. E-mail address you will be using for this course?

7A. Please indicate the last two digits of your student ID# ( Needed for your web address ).

8. Main campus:


. Course Related Information

Part 2: Course Related

1. Online Courses .

Select the course(s) for which you are registered.

2. What computer platform will you be uisng for this course?

3. What is your level of computer literacy?

4. Is this your first online course? Yes No

Please indicate other online courses you have taken.

5. What browser will you be using for this course?

6. What version browser will you be using?

7. Indicate the software and technical processes you are familiar with. Check all that apply.

a. FTP (PC) Fetch (Mac)
b. WinZip
c. Uploading files to a server
d. Downloading from the Internet
e. Photoshop or other imaging software
f. Front Page/Adobe GoLive/ Adobe Pagemill
g. html
h. creating and using jpgs and or gifs
i. Sending e-mail with attachments
j. Word Processing
k. Cut and paste with word processing programs
l. None of the above. (If checked, please allow more time for the course)
m. Building, creating or designing web pages

8. What Word Processing program will you be using?

8A. Will you be using a HTML text editing program? If so, which one, i.e. Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, etc.?

9. Do you own or have access to an iPod or MP3 player? Yes No

10. If yes, does it have video capability? Yes No

Part 3: Brief Biographical Narrative - Very Important - Your response will be posted on the course "Brief Narratives" page.