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Reading List

Since all of the following selections are individually selected by you and are available in paperback (some only in hardcover) at your local library, local bookstore, Borders or, I have not ordered them from the college bookstore. Only the required text (The Meaning of Sports by Michael Mandlebaum) is available at the College Bookstore ( Eastern campus).

If you are ordering from Amazon I suggest you make all your seleections at one time and make one order to save on shipping charges.


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Dark Trade: Lost In Boxing
By Donald McRay

The Sweet Science 
By A.J. Liebling (1956)


Bang the Drum Slowly
By Mark Harris (1956)

The Boys of Summer
By Roger Kahn (1971)

Ball Four
 By Jim Bouton (1970)

Game Time
By Roger Angell (2003)

Joe Dimaggio
By Richard Ben Cramer (2000)

Praying For Gil Hodges
By Tom Oliphant (2005)

The Long Season
By Jim Brosnan (1960)

The Summer Game
 By Roger Angell (1972)

The Teammates
by David Halberstam (2003)

3 Nights In August
By Buzz Bissinger

You Know Me Al
By Ring Lardner (1914)

Mountain Climbing

On The Ridge Between Life and Death
By David Roberts


The Pefect Mile
By Neal Bascomb


The Education of a Coach
By David Halberstam (2005)

Fever Pitch
By Nick Hornby (1991)

Friday Night Lights
By H.G. Bissinger (1990)

Instant Replay
By Jerry Kramer and Dick Schaap (1968)

Paper Lion
By George Plimpton (1965)

By Dan Jenkins (1972)


A Season on the Brink
By John Feinstein (1986)

The Breaks of the Game  By David Halberstam (1981)

Heaven Is a Playground
By Rick Telander (1976)

Loose Balls
By Terry Pluto (1990)

The Last Shot: City Strets, Basketball Dreams
By Darcy Frey

The Rivalry
By John Taylor


The Game
By Ken Dryden (1983)

Horse Racing

Blood Horses
By John Sullivan

By Laura Hillenbrand (2001)


The Game of Their Lives
By Geoffrey Douglas


Levels of the Game
By John McPhee (1969)


The Greatest Game Ever Played
By Mark Frost (2002)


Don DeLillo,
End Zone.

James Dickey, Deliverance.

Mark Harris,
The Southpaw.

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.

Robert Lipsyte,
The Contender

Bernard Malamud,
The Natural.

Norman Maclean (1976)A River Runs Through It

John Updike,
Rabbit, Run.

August Wilson,


That Championship Season
by jason Miller

The Great White Hope
by Howard Sackler


Sports Illustrated

New York Magazine

Rolling Stone


The Great White Hope

That Championship Season

Requiem for a Havyweight

The Harder They Fall

Paper Lion

Bang the Drum Slowly

Friday Night Lights

Field of Dreams

For Love of the Game


A League of Their Own


The Best American Sports Writing of the Century
David Halberstam, Editor
Glenn Stout, Series Editor

The Norton Book of Sports
By George Plimpton

George Plimpton On Sports
By George Plimpton

Best American Sports Writing
editor - Richard Ben Cramer

Race, Identity and Sports
in the 20th Century
edited by Amy Bass

By Robert Lipsyte