Philosophy Club Topics

1. "What is an Authentic Life?"
2. "What is Democracy and Can It Be Transplanted?"
3. "Can There Be Freedom without Privacy?"
4. "Is Nationalism of Value in a Globalized World?"
5. "Is Relativism Incoherent?"
6. "Do We Know With Our Minds Alone?"
7. "What Does It Mean to Be Human?"
8. "'It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence'"
9. "The Role of Metaphor in Thinking and the Pursuit of Understanding"
10. "What is Creativity and How Does It Differ from Inventiveness?"
11. "Are Novels and Films Good Vehicles for Philosophy?"
12. "How Much Choice Do We Have?"
13. "Are Families or Friends More Important?"
14. "Is Altruism Possible?"
15. "Obligations to Future Generations"
16. "Does Consensus Underlie Morality?"
17. "Is Mysticism of Value to Philosophy?"
18. "How Is Self-Deception Possible?"
19. "How Do We Find Meaning in Life?"
20. "Are There Objective Moral Judgments?"
21. "Is Skepticism Defensible?"
22. "What is a Just War?"
23. "Taxation to pay for Medicare is nothing more than theft"
24. "If You Want to Be a Good Ruler, Forget About Being a Good Person"
25. "The Relation of Philosophy and Everyday Life"
26. "Is Moral Judgment Based on Reason or Sentiment?"
27. "Is 'God' Necessary for the Good?"
28. "What is Consciousness?"
29. "Should Tolerance Have Limits?"
30. "What is 'Fun'?"
31. "Who Are We If Not Our Memories?"
32. "Are Freedom and Morality in Conflict or in Cahoots?"
33. "What Do We Owe One Another?"
34. "What Makes a Life Go Well?"
35. "What is Reality?"
36. "Is Personal Identity a Fiction?"
37. "Ways of Expressing the Unknowable"
38. "How Do We Learn About Human Nature -- Science, Literature, Art, etc?"
39. "Do We Need a New Philosophy of Nature?"
40. "Man and Nature"
41. "Responding to Terrorism: Human Solidarity Versus National Unity"
42. "Fear and Trembling: Rethinking Freedom and Security, and Obligation in Terrorism's Aftermath"
43. "Free Will"
44. "Does Democracy Nurture or Thwart Human Potential?"
45. "What is Objectivity and Why Does it Matter?"
46. "What is Art?"
47. "Reason and Emotion,"
48. "Freedom of Thought and the Authority of Ideas"
49. "What is Success?"
50. "Is the Death Penalty Morally Justifiable?"
51. "The Meaning of Work"
52. "Can Moral Values Be Taught?"
53. "The Unreality of Time and the Reality of Events"
54. "Limits (of Knowledge, Progress, Life, etc.)"
55. "Virtual Reality: How Real and How Good?"
56. "Is Romance a Necessary Illusion?"
57. "What is the Best Education?"
58. "Legal Punishment and Moral Justice"
59. "What is Personal Identity?"
60. "What Are We Obligated to Do?"
61. "Is Personal Happiness a Moral Obligation?"
62. "Is Autonomy Desirable or Even Possible?"