Computers, Information Technology, the Internet, Ethics, Society and Human Values

Philip Pecorino, Ph.D.

Queensborough Community College,  CUNY

Chapter 1. Introduction


The world has changed.  Computers are now a factor in that process of change.  They may figure into the process as no other single element has ever done so in the history of our species.

Consider when people lived in homes such as seen at PBS: The 1900 House (2000)

Consider predictions in depictions of how the machinery would impact the human community. One of the earliest signs of anyone considering such developments as are the matter of this book can be seen in the prediction and warning of the future offered by the Fritz Lang Film: Metropolis (1926).  Watch excerpts and the entire film if you can.

Consider How we have changed. You might enjoy viewing this short video summarizing some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and what.   This is a You Tube video by anthropologist Michael Wesch who teaches/practices digital ethnography at Kansas State University (KSU).  When students are asked why they're not reading their homework assignments, they said they'd rather have podcasts.  This video shows how students generally spend their time.  Also, how they use their laptops in the classroom "A Vision of Students Today":

This is an example of how computers have changed how we do things and even how we live in a technological society.  Do you identify with the image presented in this video?

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