Computers, Information Technology, the Internet, Ethics, Society and Human Values

Philip Pecorino, Ph.D.

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Chapter 1. Introduction



Coming into the Country  John Perry Barlow

Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age  

When people lived in homes such as seen at PBS: The 1900 House (2000)

The prediction and warning of the future came in Fritz Lang Film: Metropolis (1926) watch excerpts

 History of Computing Overall


The Modern History of Computing

Computer History Museum     This is the web site of the Computer History Museum, whose home page contains the following invitation: “It’s not just a museum. It’s one of the largest collections of computer-related artifacts, documents, film, and photographs in the world. Here [on our web site], you can explore our online archives, browse the exhibits, or learn more about preserving this living history of the information age.”

Charles Babbage Institute: Center for the History of Information Technology    The Charles Babbage Institute is an historical archives and research center of the University of Minnesota. CBI is dedicated to promoting the study of the history of information technology and information processing and their impacts on society. CBI preserves relevant historical documentation in all media, conducts and fosters research in history and archival methods, offers graduate fellowships, and sponsors symposia, conferences, and publications.

Charles Babbage Information on one of the first people who created an early version of a manual computer.

A History of Computers This is a computer-history site with much information and many links to other resources.

Virginia Tech History of Computing Web Site  "This collection of materials relating to the history of computing is provided courtesy of the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech and is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (CDA-9312611) – a rich and rewarding resource!"

“Triumph of the Nerds”   a web site associated with the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) TV series on the history of computing entitled “The Triumph of the Nerds.”

Elsop History of Computing Links
This is the Electronic Software Publishing Corporation’s (Elsop) links page for the History of Computing.

Elsop History of Computer Companies Links
This is the Electronic Software Publishing Corporation’s (Elsop) links page for the History of Computer Companies.

A History of Computers   This is a computer-history site

A History of Information Technology and Systems

The Computer Age Educational page containing background information on the inventors who shaped our computer age.

History of the Computer Simple but straight forward information on the origins of the computer.

Invention of the Modern Computer Basic information on the stages of development of the modern computer.

Always Adapting: The History of Computers


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