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Chapter 10 Information Technologies and

Professionalism and Professional Codes


Therac-25 Radiation Exposure:  Responsibility

Hired to write program to hide information from the IRS


Fix your own mistake or BUG Case

Steve Blouin is a lead software engineer for Database Solutions  Who is responsible?

Nancy’s Dilemma Professionalism and Responsibility to Employer

IC 2.d  Professionalism and Responsibiity to Employer   Srini Ramaswamy

IC 1.a Monitoring of Employees    Srini Ramaswamy

Whistle Blower Case: Hughes Aircraft

S/P 4.a Responsibility to Report Problems with software Jesse Yu

Hardware Testing A Jan Wilms

S/P 5.a Team Work Ethic Ahmad Ghafarian

S/P 3.a Responsibility for Software Melissa Dark

S/P 1.c Custom Software: Responsibility to Inform of problems Srini Ramaswamy

S/P .a Research Collaboration: Responsibility to Colleagues  Srini Ramaswamy

Sexism in the workplace by Eva Turner  

3 Cases in Professionalism and WhistleBlowing  by Jerry Engel

Downcoding  Professional Responsibility/ Liability   by Cindy Hanchey  

Bad Software but what was ordered: What to do?

Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems RISKS DIGEST

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