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Chapter 13 Artificial Intelligence and Being Human



Alan Turing was the Philosopher and Mathematician who thought of the Test which is named after him. Turing held that computers would in time be programmed to acquire abilities rivaling human intelligence.  As part of his argument Turing put forward the idea of an 'imitation game', in which a human being and a computer would be interrogated under conditions where the interrogator would not know which was which, the communication being entirely by textual messages. Turing argued that if the interrogator could not distinguish them by questioning, then it would be unreasonable not to call the computer intelligent.  Turing's 'imitation game' is now usually called 'the Turing test' for intelligence. 

Prizes have been offered for the programs that best simulate human conversation and have AI.

You are invited to participate in  a simple form of the Turing Test by going to this site to interact with  some of the Chat Bots including award winning programs. 

INTERACT with any of these chat bots (List from

  • Jabberwock, Loebner winner- 2003
  • Jabberwacky, a bot with character
  • ELIZA, the oldest girl around.
  • JULIA was a participant in Loebner winner 1994.
  • ALICE is another chatty girl. Loebner winner 2001 2004
  • MITBOLEL A customizable Java chatbot.
  • THOUGHT TREASURE  some "world knowledge" (an extensive concept hierarchy). This is an evolving system, latest version available for download.
  • MeBOT You need a Java compatible browser to talk to MeBot.
  • BRIAN, an 18 year old college student (3rd place in Loebner 1998)
  • MIMIC Help him learn talking, he's willing to learn.
  • Mr. MIND Try to convince him that you are not a computer.
  • ELOISA You want to chat in Italian? Visit her.

Alan Turing HOMEPAGE: Website

Artificial Intelligence Organizations Directory


 Artificial Intelligence Information  This page contains a directory of AI organisations and associations around the world. It is maintained by Amruth N. Kumar (

History of Artificial Intelligence and much more!!

Computing, Machinery, and Intelligence. Alan Turing's classic essay.

Turing Test Resources

Turing Test: 50 Years Later  by  Ayse Pinar Saygin, Ilyas Cicekli, Varol Akman in
Minds and Machines, 10 (4), November 2000 

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