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Chapter 4 Law: Freedom of Speech and Censorship


Here are a number of cases each in some way indicating a relation of the computer technologies to laws dealing with freedom of speech or press.

The Communications Decency Act of 1996 :  How to protect children and permit freedom of expression on the internet.  Why should a something thought of as pornographic or harmful to children be permitted to be described in words in a novel or even a passage in the bible and yet the same scene or act graphically depicted be considered for censorship?   Why should material or speech offensive in one country be permitted in another country or vice versa?  What basis is there for the decision?  Who decides?  Who regulates?

Jake Baker Case: Freedom of Expression Hate Mail   by Jim Huggins  Networks, Freedom of Expression, Pornography, Sexual Harassment

CHAIN LETTER Case: Censoring the Mail  or here

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