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Chapter 8 Crime and Misbehavior


A case of cyberstalking

Machado Case:  Hate Mail


Jake Baker Case: Freedom of Expression Hate Mail   by Jim Huggins  Networks, Freedom of Expression, Pornography, Sexual Harassment

College Cheating using Computers


Hacking Case by Stewart Denenberg

Noteworthy Cases

"Internet addict' jailed for e-mailing child porn", by LAURENCE HAMMACK, THE ROANOKE TIMES, Wednesday, October 06, 1999.

Man guilty in Internet sex case by KIMBERLY O'BRIEN, THE ROANOKE TIMES, 8 May 1999.

Hacker Accused of Credit-card Fraud - FBI Says He Collected 100,000 Credit-card Numbers, Associated Press, May 23, 1997.


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