Computers, Information Technology, the Internet, Ethics, Society and Human Values

Philip Pecorino, Ph.D.

Queensborough Community College,  CUNY

Chapter 9 Information Technologies and Accountability




"Ethics of WWW Site Engineering" (by Chris MacDonald, as appearing in the July 1995 Computer Mediated Communication Magazine)

Ethical Web Agents   by David Eichmann


As the Web continues to evolve, the sophistication of the programs that are employed in interacting with it will also increase in sophistication. Web agents, programs acting autonomously on some task, are already present in the form of spiders. Agents offer substantial benefits and hazards, and because of this, their development must involve not only attention to technical details, but also the ethical concerns relating to their resulting impact. These ethical concerns will differ for agents employed in the creation of a service and agents acting on behalf of a specific individual. An ethic is proposed that addresses both of these perspectives. The proposal is predicated on the assumption that agents are a reality on the Web, and that there are no reasonable means of preventing their proliferation.

Computing and Moral Responsibility

The role of information systems personnel in the provision for privacy and data protection in organisations and within information systems by Richard Howley, Simon Rogerson, N Ben Fairweather, Lawrence Pratchett  Abstract - Full Paper  The ETHICOMP Journal Vol. 1 No. 1, published: 2004-02-02 Open Access Journal -free subscription/access.

Third Party Defamation Liability for ISP

ISP and Bulletin Board Responsibility


SOCIETIES and Organizations

CYBERETHICS  Founder-Editor: David Vance 

International Center for Informational Ethics (ICIE)   An academic web site on information ethics. It is a platform for exchanging information about worldwide teaching and research in our field. It gives the opportunity to meet each other. It provides news on ongoing activities by different kinds of organizations.

International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT)   Produces a newsletter and co-sponsors conferences including The Conference of Computer Ethics (CEPE) and the Annual Ethics and Technology Conference

PFIR: "People for Internet Responsibility"

Cyber Angels ("Internet Safety Organization")

Internet Society, The

LoGIC (The Legal Group for the Internet in Canada)


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