Chapter 13. Relativism Reconsidered : Conclusion
Section 2. What is to be done?

People need some sort of a moral guide through life.  Many may think that they can get by without one but chances are that they are egoists and do have a principle which is guiding them.  If it makes me feel good, if it makes me happy, if I like it and can live with it then it is all right for me to do it.  That may seem like an attractive principle by which we can make decisions until one starts to think about it.  As a guide for all people that principle would lead and does lead to many conflicts.  Review the problems with ethical egoism in chapter above covering that principle.

What is needed in a moral code is something that will enable humans to live with one another in an order rather than in chaos of self-interested action.   

Which of the many ethical principles is the best for human kind on planet earth or which is the one for me as a human living amidst other humans ?  

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