Chapter Two :     Moral Development
Section 3. Sources of Ideas about Morality

If you reflect a moment on the question of how people become moral you will probably realize that a number of factors come into play in the development of personal morality.  Indeed you will probably think that people become moral or learn about morality due to their involvement with:






Media- television, films, videos, music, music videos


How exactly each person develops their ideas about right and wrong is a subject studied by psychologists.  This type of study is part of what is known as Moral Psychology.  One of the most famous of the psychologists who does such studies is Lawrence Kohlberg.  He has a theory of moral development based upon his research with people from very young ages through the adult years. 

His work confirms and expands upon ideas of others including an earlier theory by the American Philosopher, John Dewey.

His theory is the topic of the next section.


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