Chapter 10 : Care of the Dying

Section 5. Case Study

Name: Samantha Sparta

Case Title: Michael Martin case

Description of case by student: In 1987, Michael Martin was involved in a car-train wreck and is not permanently handicapped and mentally disabled. Although conscious, his wife, Mary Martin, wants the tubes providing her husband with food and fluids removed. Michael?s mother and sister on the other hand are fighting to stop his wife from removing the tubes. The case was brought before the courts and it was decided that Mr. Martin would keep his feeding tube. Mary Martin sought an appeal with the United States Supreme Court but they have refused to hear her case.

URL?s for the articles describing case:

Article Written about the Case

Article in Scientific American

Article Written by the Thomas Manzen, General Counsel National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent & Disabled, Inc.

Michigan State Supreme Court ruling

URL?s for articles with ethical position:

Article from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Article by Director of the Dept of Medical Ethics for National Right to Life Committee

Website Maintained by New York State Department of Health

Article Written by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Natural Law theory)



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