Chapter 11: Deliberate Termination of Life and Physician Assisted Suicide: Aid in Dying

Section 5. Case Study

Your NAME: Kevin Masick

CASE TITLE: Nancy Cruzan Case

DESCRIPTION of the case by student: Nancy was involved in an automobile accident in January of 1983. She was almost killed in the accident, but emergency medical technicians succeeded in keeping her alive on the way to the hospital. Once in the hospital Nancy was able to survive, but she would be severely handicapped, and it was stated by a friend that if she were ever in a situation like that she would want to be killed. This was one of the first cases the Supreme Court had to hear on the issue of euthanasia. The court ruled in Nancy's favor and she was allowed to be removed from life support and eventually passed away within days.

url's for the Articles Describing case:

url's for Articles with Ethical Position: Philosophers, Theologians, Lawyers, Medical Doctors

Dr.Holmes talks about euthanasia and his views


This article talks about the legality of euthanasia in New York


This article talks about the legal and medical consequences of physician assisted suicide


This article talks about euthanasia outside the United States



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