Chapter 11: Deliberate Termination of Life and Physician Assisted Suicide: Aid in Dying

Section 5. Case Study

Carlos Serrano

Title: Robert Latimer and his disabled daughter

Description: This is the case of Canadian farmer, Robert Latimer, who killed his daughter who had severe cerebral palsy because he felt that she was in agony and he loved her and didn?t want to see her suffer. He was charged with murder, convicted, and sentenced to life with possibility of parole in 10 years.

Articles explaining the case:

Articles containing ethical analysis:

Sandra Dowd

Case study 11


A Canadian Tragedy, the Tracy Latimer story.

Background on Robert Latimer and the story of his daughter

The Supreme court case of Robert Latimer

Robert Latimer and his sentence for killing his daughter

Public position on the fate of Robert Latimer

Public support for Robert Latimer, and legalizing Euthanasia

The case for assisted suicide and euthanasia and the Tracy Latimer case





Tracy and Robert Latimer*

Comments from an ethicist on the Latimer case*

An ethicist comments on the case of Robert Latimer


An ethical journals comments and opinions on Euthanasia and the Latimer case

An ethical journal response to the latimer case, and decision, also ethical decisions related to euthanasia


Comments from an ethics network on the Tracy Latimer case and Euthanasia


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