Chapter 11: Deliberate Termination of Life and Physician Assisted Suicide: Aid in Dying

Section 5. Case Study

Your NAME: Kevin Masick

CASE TITLE: Terry Graham Sr

DESCRIPTION of the case by student: This case involves a father with a terminal illness in which he wanted to die. A plan was set up through him and his son and everything appeared to be going in the direction that Terry Sr wanted. Out of the blue Terry Sr suffered a stroke, which would foil their plans of suicide. Terry Jr then fought for his father to be allowed to die as per his wishes, but he was denied. He received letters of support and then began investigating euthanasia, and found it to be legal in Oregon.

url's for the Articles Describing case:

the article "another cry for euthanasia" talks about the case

url's for Articles with Ethical Position: Philosophers, Theologians, Lawyers, Medical Doctors

This article talks with the legal perspective for attorneys on physician assisted suicide


This article talks about the Oregon Suicide Law and it's effect in the United States. Very interesting

This article talks about other physician assisted suicide cases and also talks about Oregon

This article talks about the philosophies of euthanasia


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