Chapter 13 :Reproduction: Assistance and Control Issues   

Section 4. Readings

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Instruction on Respect for Human life

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Gillian Hanscombe: The right to Lesbian Parenthood

Homosexual parents are entitled to the same rights as heterosexual parents.

No data exists that indicates they are less responsible parents


Cynthia B.Cohen: "Give me Children or I shall Die" New Reproductive Technologies and Harm to Children

It is wrong to have children knowing that they will or will likely have defects, suffering, or deficits. There is no obligation to do whatever is available to have a child.


Bonnie Steinbock: Surrogate Motherhood as Parental Adoption

Regulating surrogacy, minimizing potential harm and protecting liberty is preferable to prohibiting the practice.


Elizabeth S. Anderson: Is Women's Labor a Commodity?

Commercial surrogacy should be outlawed. It is harmful to children and degrades and exploits women. It views children as property.


Arlene Judith Klotzko: Medical Miracle or Medical Mischief?

Artificial insemination or chemical stimulation and multiple fetus problem: septuplets.


Leon R. Kass: The Wisdom of Repugnance

1. Cloning distorts the cloned person's sense of individuality and social identity.

2. It transforms procreation into manufacture and children into commodities.

3.It encourages parents to regard children as property.


National Bioethics Advisory Commission: Cloning Human Beings: ethical Considerations

At present cloning lacks safety

Unresolved concerns make it unwise to proceed at this time.

Refuse to find cloning as inherently unethical.


Peter Singer,  Creating Embryos


Genes, Embryos and Ethics


Uterus Transplant


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