Chapter 16 : Allocation of Resources: Scarcity and Triage

Section 5. Case Study   LIVE_DONOR_DEATH

Michael Milazzo

Case Title: LIVE_DONOR_DEATH puts program on hold

Description: Mike Hurewitz, who was 54, died three days after the surgery to give part of his liver to his 57-year-old brother at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. His brother, who needed a liver transplant to save his life, survived the transplant

Describing case:

Live-Donor Procedures Carry Risks, Experts Say

Ethical Positions:

Name: Ginnine Roughton

Title: Kidney Buddies

Authors: Shelly Arrollo and Shannon Breshears

Description: Shelly was a 30 year old female whom in 1988 was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease called "polyarteritis nodas". With this disease the arteries and blood vessels expand and burst. Shelly was practically on her death bed. She was given her last rights and was in and out of comas for a couple of weeks. She was told she may only have a few months to live. She was flown to UCSF hospital where they new a little more about the disease. She was on dialysis for a while. When the time came her best friend Shannon was tested to see if she was a possiblel donor. On Feb. 17, 1999 Shannon underwent a donar nephrectomy. The two girls til this day are doing well.

Urls for story:

Kidney Buddies

A Kidney Recipient

A Living Donor

Follow Up from Shannon-March 2002


ethical theroys urls:

American Society of Transplant Surgeons

The Bioethics

Brain death and transplantatio in Japan

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