Chapter 16 : Allocation of Resources: Scarcity and Triage

Section 5. Case Study

Name: Stacey Bertuglia

Title: Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources

Description: There are many people in the world today waiting for an organ transplant. With the consent of individuals to give their organs in case of death or become a living donor can help tens of thousands of people a year. There are some moral and ethical issues that are raised in organ transplantation.

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Kristina Nicolosi

Case Title: Organ Transplants

Description: Cheryl Miraglia husband waited for a new heart at Standford Medical Center in the same room as a prisoner. The prisoner who was acompanied by two body guard at all time was also awaiting a heart transplant. They became friends. Soon the prisoner received his heart transplant and Mrs. Miraglia was outraged on peoples reactions because the prisoner got it before her husband. She felt they were both people. Within twenty days her husband recieved his transplant and both man are health and happy.


Ethical topics:

This website explores ethical dilemma cases involving organ transplantation.

This website explores the ethical problem concerning organ donation and prisoners.




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