Chapter: Introduction

                                       Section 6. Additional Resources.         

There are a variety of sources related to topics and issues in Biomedical Ethics.

Internet Materials:

There are a large number of resources on the internet including: Ethics Centers, publications, professional organization sites, etc...

Using a search engine and typing in key words related to this area will produce a variety of sites to explore.


History of Medical Ethics Bibliography:

Teaching medical ethics: bibliography :

Related Web Resources for Bioethics

Center for the Study of Bioethics:  Searches

ETHICS IN MEDICINE   University of Washington School of Medicine


Bioethics: Journal Articles On-Line

Psychopathologies, Neuropathologies, and Self-Identity

Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography, Compiled by Christian Perring.

Selected Bibliography:



C.  Bibliographies

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D.  Journals

    1. Hastings Center Report

    2. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy

    3. Journal of Medical Ethic

    4. Man and Medicine

    5. Linacre Quarterly

    6. Philosophy and Public Affairs

    7. New England Journal of Medicine

    8. Journal of Religious Ethics

    9. American Journal of Law and Medicine

    10. Journal of Legal Medicine

    11. Ethics in Science and Medicine

    12. Law, Medicine and Health Care

    13. Supervisor Nurse

    14. Bioethics Quarterly

    15. Meta Medicine

    16. Nursing Forum

    17. Westminster Institute Review

    18. Journal of Professional and Business Ethics

    19. Journal of Literature and Medicine

    20. The Milbank Quarterly


E. Reference Works

    1. Dictionary of Medical Ethics

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End of Chapter

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