Chapter 4: Professionalism, Elitism and Health Care

Section 6. Additional Resources.

Oaths and Codes of Professional Organizations and Specialties other than Nursing

Oaths and Codes of Professional Organizations and Specialties for Nursing

The Arnold P. Goldman Foundation for Humanism in Medicine
This site posts a new message from a medical student or faculty every day! The messages are often reflections on experiences with patients and being or becoming a physician. Go to the Big Picture link for the daily message or the library for recently posted reflections.
American College of Physicians, Ethics Manual
Reprints an article that appeared in Annals of Internal Medicine in 1998 offering guidelines for approaching major ethical issues.
Program in Communication and Medicine
Includes current research in communication and health outcomes, medical students and residents on breaking bad news, confidentiality, truth-telling, and informed decision making. Teaching ideas and telemedicine updates are also available.

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