Issues in Philosophy

There are a variety of readings. In this online course you are basically reading and writing with lots of thinking in between.


There is a required textbook for this course: it is FREE and available in the course itself as mini lectures and it is available in two sites on the internet.

There are two copies of the online textbook for this course available at:

and another copy at

In the event that you have any need to access the reading and cannot use the class discussion website you might try reading the materials at the site above. It is for TEXT ONLY not for discussions or for sending or receiving communications. Most of the material in the textbook will be made available to you in links to other sites.

These sites will have the message READ in front of it, e.g., READ Dialogue ION

b. SUGGESTED READING: There are paper textbooks for this course for those who may feel more comfortable having such a book rather than reading everything online. There are many such introductory books. One will be recommended here:

1. Louis P. Pojman. Philosophical Traditions: A Text with Readings. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Publishing, 1998.

The course covers most of the chapters of this text.

Philosophical Traditions: A Text with Readings

by Louis P. Pojman Amazon prices: Our Price: $67.95 Used Price: $29.99

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Click here to order from

Try also these sites for the lowest prices available:

2. Selected Dialogues of Plato (see course schedule or topics for the list). These dialogues will be provided to you in English, through a series of Internet links to sites that contain the dialogues. You may elect to borrow another translation from the college library or any public library. You may also elect to purchase a copy for yourself. An inexpensive paperback that contains the dialogues we shall be covering is: H. D. Rouse, Great Dialogues of Plato. Mentor Books.

Great Dialogues of Plato by Plato, W. H. D. Rouse (Translator)

List Price: $6.95 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

click here to order from

c. The Instructorís Lessons, Lectures, Notes, Advice, etc...

d. The Discussion Topics

e. Student Submissions-Discussion Posts and Threads

f. Internet Resources- required are marked as in the online textbook

e.g., READ Dialogue ION

Other links offered in the online textbook are suggested readings and are simply offered as links to materials you might want to look at or read with varying degrees of interest. Some may find these more interesting than the required linked materials!

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