Issues in Philosophy

Professor Philip A. Pecorino

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Let's Get Started !!!!!!

Well, congratulations on entering the class site and getting this far.  Now we get into it.  If you got this far you can make it through the rest of this.  I look forward to working with all of you and hope that we will produce successful outcomes for each one of you taking this course.

Check out what all the buttons in the site. Explore the site.


OK, let's get started by having you explore the course site and learn about the requirements and what we will be doing here.  For this first module or learning unit you are expected to do the following SEVEN things! Yes SEVEN (7):   For this first few days you are expected to do the following SEVEN things! Yes SEVEN (7). I repeated that. Why? It is very important. Why?  Well, by the time you are finished you should know all that you need to know about this class and what is required to do well in it.

1. Read all the documents that are part of COURSE OUTLINE using the link COURSE OUTLINE  Be sure to read How you will be evaluated!   There are a lot of items in the COURSE OUTLINE be sure to read ALL OF THEM.
2.  Check and Print out the CALENDAR - under COURSE OUTLINE or CALENDAR or SCHEDULE ! 

3. ENTER the class site and Introduce yourself to your classmates under the DISCUSSION BOARD  INTRODUCTIONS
HOW? Go to the button marked DISCUSSION BOARD or  marked COMMUNICATION and then click on DISCUSSION BOARD. Click on it an enter the DB.  Click on INTRODUCTIONS.  This is an area for you to introduce yourself to the class and where you can go to meet the others that are in this course.  Post an item to start a discussion, or read other students' responses if there are any, and make a response.  

4. COPY and PASTE PRACTICE. Create a question or answer in a word processor and copy and paste it into the DISCUSSION BOARD under ASK THE PROFESSOR   HOW? Go to the button marked DISCUSSION BOARD or  marked COMMUNICATION and then click on DISCUSSION BOARD. Select an item under ASK the PROFESSOR to which you wish to reply. Then minimize the internet browser (IE) and open the word processor WORD or some other that you use. Keyboard your response or question for the discussion. Copy and paste all the material there into the space for discussion concerning the first discussion item that you selected and then submit it.


5. Email  PRACTICE

Prepare a word processed document with the answers to the three (3) questions below and then send it to the Professor through Email   You must use my CUNY email address !!!!!!

1. What is Written Assignment Number Five(5) for Module Five? Copy and paste it into the document.

2. When is written assignment Seven(7) due?

3. What must you do to get the maximum number of points for the discussions in each of the 14 modules?

HOW?   After answering all three, save your file (document) as a WORD or a  DOC or TXT file.
Then send the EMAIL   Do not send attachments!!!   Copy and paste your text from the word processor directly into the message window of the email. 


You must use a respectable email address and keep watch over it to insure your mailbox does not fill up.  Be sure to double delete items.

If you do not have an address acceptable to this instructor you will have 10 days to get and use the college supplied email address and notify the instructor from the new address.

When sending email ALWAYS In the subject line put: first name , last name, PL 11 ASSIGNMENT# or QUESTION or HELP

After an assignment has been received, it will be graded and the feedback shared with you either by E-mail or by the use of an on-line grade book WebPages found by clicking on GRADES..

6. READ the Student Reviews and Comments about this class.

7. ENTER the  class site and go to the STUDENT CAFÉ  in the DISCUSSION BOARD area of the  Course Site. 

This is a discussion area for our class outside the context of a particular course module. Just as you have the opportunity to talk or chat with each other or with the instructor when taking a conventional classroom course, you should also have the opportunity to do the same in a web course. The STUDENT CAFÉ is available only to students enrolled in this class to post and/or read messages and respond. These can include questions or comments to other students about course material, assignments, readings, etc. It is also a place where you can go to socialize and have open discussion on subjects of your interests.

You will find the STUDENT CAFE in the DISCUSSION BOARD section of the Course. `

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