Issues in Philosophy

The Student Cafe is a discussion area for our class for matters that are outside the context of a particular course module.

Just as you have the opportunity to talk or chat with each other or with the instructor when taking a conventional classroom course, you should also have the opportunity to do the same in a web course. These can include questions or comments to other students and me about course material, assignments, readings, etc. It is also a place where you can go to socialize and have open discussion on subjects of your interests. You will find the Student Cafe in the Discussion area of the Course Map.

You can also post to this area matters of personal interest, gripes, social issues, and other matters.

You can post drafts of your written assignments to this area and get feedback from other students and corrections of spelling, grammar and syntax along with advice on how to improve your work.

Announcements is an area that will contain important information related to the course that develops as we go along. It will contain items that appear in the NEWS FLASH area as well. I will be using this area to make announcements during the semester, so be sure to check it every time you "come to class."

Meet Your Classmates is an area for you to introduce yourself to the class and where you can go to meet the others that are in this course. Your profile will help us get to know each other and begin to build a sense of class community, so please feel free to personalize your profile and add a link to your favorite web site, or attach a digital image of yourself it is in the discussion area of the course site.

As your next step, you should :

Go to the STUDENT CAFE or CHAT ROOM and start or get into a discussion about the course or any of your interests.

Thank You!!

When you have completed these tasks, you are ready to begin the Ice Breaker Activities in the first module on ORIENTATION.

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