PHL  211  Biomedical Ethics

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ANNOUNCEMENT 7-22-17 to 7-24-17 Module 14 A Claim of A Right to Health Care

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-19-17 to 7-21-17 Module 13 The Allocation of Resources: Scarcity and Triage

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-16-17 to 7-18-17 Module 12

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-13-17 to 7-15-17 Module 11

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-10-17 to 7-12-17 Module 10

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-7-17 to 7-10-17 Module 9 Infanticide Experimentation

ANNOUNCEMENT 7-317 to 7-6-17 Module 8 Abortion

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-30-17 to 7-2-17 Module 7 Human Experimentation

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-27-17 to 6-29-17 Module 6 Rights, Truth and Consent

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-24-17 to 6-26-17 Module 5 Nursing and Ethics

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-21-17 to 6-23-17 Module 4  Professionalism, Elitism and Health Care

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-18-17 to 6-20-17 Module 3

Moral Climate of Health Care

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-6-17 to 6-17-17 Module 2 ETHICS

This is the longest and most important module of the course.  It sets out the basis for ethical thinking.  I do not expect you to master the principles and method of dialectical thinking. We have the whole semester to work on this.  Do your best to understand the basic principles and the human values at the basis for ethical decision making.  The assignments through the semester will provide opportunities to master them.

ANNOUNCEMENT 6-2-17 to 6-5-17 Module 1



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Intense and rapid!!

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Fun, work, opportunities, work, rewards, work. 18 to 24 hours of work per week!

 Patients' Rights**Informed Consent**Privacy**Experimentation**Partial Birth Abortion**Cloning**Physician Assisted Suicide**Infanticide**Allocation of Resources**Right to Health Care** & Other Topics!!!


SCHEDULE :  The course consists of 14 Modules.  They  open and then close on the third day (exception Module 2 on Ethics).  It is incredibly intense.  You must work EACH DAY!!!  Discussions EACH DAY.  Written assignments in each module.  Case studies in modules 7 to 14!! GRADES will be posted  within 3 days of the close of each module. 


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