Biomedical Ethics 

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Professor Philip A. Pecorino

Suffolk County Community College

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PHL 211 Biomedical Ethics

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Philosophy Department

533 College Road

Selden, New York 11784

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(631) 451-4143

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(718) 281-5038

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I will be on-line Mon-Friday and sometimes but rarely on Saturday and Sunday!

Mondays and Tuesdays are my most likely times for "virtual office hours"

Use e-mailing for Private matters. If you don't hear from me as soon as you need to then please call

me at the office: 718.281.5038.

Some things to address in Private might include:

  • A contact about late assignments.

  • A discussion about a grade.

  • A discussion about how the course is going for you.

  • An essay topic that you're wondering about but despite it's personal nature, you'd feel better about

  • discussing here.

  • Feedback about the course.

  • A concern about another student.

Email is for private communications.

Sometimes it's good to let others in our conversation so PLEASE  address general topics in the "Ask the Professor area of the course. Such topics  might include:

  • Clarification on directions.

  • Due dates.

  • General paper topics.

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