Biomedical Ethics 


To enable a student to:

Identify and comprehend traditional and current issues in Biomedical Ethics;

Define the main areas of ethical discourse;

Discuss theories of ethics: teleological and deontological

Develop skills of critical ethical analysis of contemporary moral problems in medicine and health care.

Analyze and respond to the comments of other students regarding philosophical issues.

Identify some of the basic content in the field of BIOMEDICAL ETHICS, traditional and current Issues in Biomedical Ethics,

a. vocabulary

b. concepts

c. theories

Communicate your awareness of and understanding of Biomedical Ethics.

Demonstrate familiarity with the main areas of philosophic discourse related to these dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics ,

Develop skills of critical analysis and dialectical thinking used in (a) analyzing cases and dilemmas , (b) in forming and defending positions, (c)analyzing and responding to the comments of other students regarding Biomedical issues.

Each module in this course will have its own set of learning objectives.

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