Biomedical Ethics

Yes indeed , welcome to the course.

You are about to enter into an experience. Part of it will be about learning of Philosophy and the basic ISSUES that have been associated with it for over two thousand years. Another part of the experience will be learning about me and your classmates and their views on many important philosophical topics. Perhaps, the most important part of the experience will be what you shall learn about yourself and what you are capable of doing and what you are capable of learning and how critically you can think about important and very basic questions and issues that have perplexed humans around this planet for millennia!!!!

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, be sure to do that soon in INTRODUCTIONS area of the DISCUSSIONS. Tell us some interesting information about yourself. Check back to that area until you have "met" everyone.

The "Official" first day of class will be a few days after orientation begins. However, the first module, the ORIENTATION and TRAINING MODULE, is unlocked now, and you should start on the "Icebreaker" assignments as soon as possible. Look over the modules in the course if you want to do so but PLEASE refrain from any actual studying or intense reading until the scheduled dates for the modules.

Go through the steps of the orientation and training as part of GETTING STARTED.

Check and Print out the CALENDAR - under COURSE OUTLINE or CALENDAR  or SCHEDULE ! 

Keep your mind open, and be prepared for a challenging and thought-provoking course. If you are the curious type, and if you like to think, I believe you will enjoy this course a great deal. Curiosity may have killed a cat somewhere or other once upon a time but curiosity is near the origin of philosophical thought in humankind

CURIOSITY, WONDER and CRITICAL THOUGHT are hallmarks of a Philosophical disposition.

Whether on the ground in an ordinary classroom or online in the virtual classroom in cyberspace, this course involves a lot of work: reading, thinking, writing, thinking, writing, reflecting, writing, questioning, writing, interacting with the instructor and fellow classmates. Most will find that all the work is worth expending because of the value derived from that expenditure. Some of the labor involved might be a bit uncomfortable, disquieting and perhaps, painful. But remember:


This experience is designed to provide you with opportunities to experience value. One of those values is learning, knowledge is another, skill development is a third but FUN is also included as a valued goal.

One of the oldest people to have ever taken a class with me taught me this:

A mind is like a parachute:

it must open to work correctly !!!

Please keep your mind open!

Open to learning and to having some fun

Well now that you have been welcomed, on with the work. Please begin by going through all the Course Information documents that follow this one..

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