There are a variety of readings. In this online course you are basically reading and writing with lots of thinking in between.

REQUIRED TEXTS:  There are two (2):  one is free the other is not free.

1.ONLINE TEXTBOOK is supplied for free.

 Click on this link for a new window to open with the textbook.

or in the event that the first copy cannot be accessed there is another copy at:

2. PRINTED TEXTBOOK described below. The course covers most of the chapters of this text.

Munson ,Ronald. INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION .   8th ED.,Belmont, California: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2008.      ISBN 13-978-0-495-09502-6

Price: $107.95  at  Books   LINK HERE

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2. )The Instructor’s Lessons, Lectures, Notes, Advice, etc...

3. )The Discussion Topics with Student Submissions-Discussion Posts and Threads

4. )Internet Resources- those that are required are marked as in the online textbook

e.g., READ :

Other links offered in the online text are suggested readings and are simply offered as links to materials you might want to look at or read with varying degrees of interest. Some may find these more interesting than the required printed or linked materials!


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