Each student will be required to work on some topic related to Biomedical Ethics in a group. This group activity is worth up to 8 points toward final grade.!!!1

The class will be divided into five or six groups of four. There will be three topics for the group to choose from or else they can submit a topic of their own.

There will be a discussion area of the course in the Group Project Module in which the group can discuss the work. Only members of each of the groups will have access to the area assigned to the group.

Group members may attempt to communicate with one another:

A. asynchronously through the course in the Group Project Module

B. asynchronously through email-exchanging email addresses in the Module discussion area

C. synchronously through instant messaging services provided by ISP's , e.g., AOL arranged in the Module discussion area

D. synchronously by telephone- arranged in the Module discussion area

E. synchronously by an arranged meeting at a fixed location.-arranged in the Module discussion area

I must caution you that the synchronous activities are very difficult to arrange and complete successfully.

If any group of student feel able and willing to create a POWERPOINT presentation for the case study including live links and illustrations, images, photos, etc... contact me for permission and instructions on what would be required and how to submit the material.




TOPICS or AREAS for Projects

The Moral Climate of Health Care


Nursing and Ethics

Patient's Rights

Informed Consent

Human Experimentation

Animal Experimentation



A. Extensive Case Study

B. Bibliographies & Lists

1. Books

2. Special Topics

3. Films

4. Other

C. Internet Listings

1. Site of bio-medical ethical centers

2. Sites dedicated to certain topics

3. Sites of medical ethicists

4. Bibliographies

5. Filmographies

D. Visits to ethics Centers or Ethicists

1. Descriptions

2. Interviews

E. Other


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