Logic: The Art of Thinking


Argument Formation

Submit an argument by the date indicated in the course calendar.
1. Type your argument (5-10 pages) double-spaced.

2. Use any resource materials you'd like. Give proper citations and references.

3. You must work ALONE on the content of your argument.

Prepare your best argument for or against any position on any topic that has been in the news in the last year. It must be a public issue. It must be an issue where other students would be aware of it and could gain access to information on the topic in the library and by use of past issues of newspapers, magazines, journals and other print and electronic media.

You are advised to present a well organized argument.

State your position.

Defend it.

State an objection to it.

Counter or respond to the objection.

Respond to the counter and so on.

State another objection to your position.

Counter it. Respond to the counter.

Show how your position is better defended than the opposing views and critiques.

Your argument will be evaluated and assigned points according to the standard listed below


I. Clarify Topic   State CONCLUSION, Explain conclusion  1
ll. State Basic Reasoning

 Describe the basic approaches taken

III. Develop Evidence and Support 

Gather the facts, data, studies

Expert witnesses, authorities, formal studies

IV. Consider Objections 

State objections(1) and respond(1) to each one

state objections(2) to the responses and respond(2)

state objections(3) and respond(3) to each one



V. Respond to Alternative Positions and Counter-arguments

cite entirely different approaches, world views etc...

show why favored position is to be preferred

better argued, more evidence,

more consistent with other goals


VI. Be aware of weaknesses and possible future criticisms

be prepared for unexpected and new evidence


VII. Restate Basic Reasoning (summary) 1
VIII. Restate Conclusion  1



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