Logic: The Art of Thinking


Legal Reasoning

Read Chapter 13 of the course textbook, Critical Thinking, by Moore and Parker 
Go to the website and review the material for chapter 13
Chapter Materials:
Review Exercises


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Submit the exercises for objective 13-6 , i.e. (Exercise 13-6 )by email to the instructor by the date indicated in the course calendar.
For an alternative or BONUS assignment submit your essays in response to items I and II below to your instructor by the due date


Submit an essay responding to the two items below.  

Submit the essays by the due date indicated on the course calendar.

I. The Trial 

Describe how a criminal trial is similar to the presentation of two arguments with contrary conclusions.

II. Juror's Task 

Describe how the juror may employ critical thinking skills in fulfilling the responsibilities of a juror.

What must a juror do in assessing evidence and testimony?

What must a juror do before reaching conclusions?

What must a juror do before accepting the conclusions urged by the prosecution and the defense ?

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