Logic: The Art of Thinking


News Media


Find examples of news coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio or tv that distorts, misleads, misinforms or mismanages the news in the following ways: submit only ten(10) selected from the list below.
Submit your collection by the date indicated in the course calendar.
1. Billing
a. inaccurate or misleading headlines or titles 
b. INTERPRETIVE picture captions

2. Completeness

a. incomplete, inconsistent or puzzling account 
b. technical and incomplete, filled with jargon

3. Sources

a. story from wire service, e.g. UPI, AP, REUTERS, FREE PRESS etc.. 
b. story from a press release, news conference or leak 
c. uncritical use of an informed source, a leak or anonymous source

4. Background

a. a background or general story 
b. story or report without required background 

5. Balance

a. a one sided account, report or story
b. slanted first paragraphs, item ends with a different story
c. selective selection of columnists, editorials, photographs,film footage and comic strips

6. Connections

a. story that affects you directly 
b. story that is not followed up 

7. Importance

a. staged media event
b. playing a story up
c. playing a story down 

8. Electronic gimmicks-tv or radio

a. suggestive voice over
b. posed situation
c. use of props 
d. story of interest because of available film

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