Course Outline and Requirements


  1. Quizzes: There will be ten (10) quizzes consisting of problems, questions and exercises similar to those in the texts or covered in class. They are take-home exams. Students may use any materials in completing the quizzes but they must work ALONE. 
  2. CLASS ATTENDANCE is required. All absences must be explained by written note. Attendance is taken by students signing the roster or attendance sheet.
  3. INTERVIEWS with the instructor are advised whenever a student desires to have additional assistance in coming to understand the material or what is expected of the student in terms of the assignments. Each student is expected to meet with the instructor at least once during the term.
  4. WORK SCHEDULE: Students are advised to establish a regular routine for studying this material and for doing the assignments. This should be done as soon as possible once the course has begun. The course requires SIX (6), yes 6, hours of work at home each week. Do not fall behind or else it will be very difficult to make up for lost time. If you do fall behind inform the instructor as soon as possible and the instructor will either provide additional assistance or advise appropriate action.
  5. FINAL EXAMINATION: Is the tenth quiz administered according the final exam schedule
  6. BONUS POINTS: There will be several opportunities for students to earn additional credit or bonus points which are added to their accumulation of points in determining their final grade- LIMIT 10 points.


Quiz 1 Introduction 10 points
Quiz 2 fallacies 10 points
Quiz 3 advertising 10 points
Quiz 4 news media 10 points
Quiz 5 argument evaluation 10 points
Quiz 6  syllogistic logic 10 points
Quiz 7 rules of inference 10 points
Quiz 8 induction 10 points
Quiz 9 legal reasoning 10 points
Quiz 10 Final Exam - Philosophy of Logic 10 points


100 points

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