Alexandra Mosca has served the public for over twenty years as a funeral director licensed in New York State.  She graduated from the American Academy-McAllister Institute of Funeral Service. 

 A working writer, Mosca contributes to many publications, including Newsday and Woman's World as well as trade journals like American Funeral Director and American Cemetery.  Alexandra K. Mosca has been a Playboy model.  With an engaging presence, she has appeared on Regis, Law and Order, To Tell the Truth and Jeopardy.  She has appeared on talk shows across the country, written a newspaper column on funeral related matters, and lectured to religious, civic and educational groups in an effort to educate the public about the funeral business. 

Most recently she has completed her autobiography entitled Grave Undertakings about her life as a funeral director.

She is the Director of the Hellenic Funeral Service and can be reached at : 718 565 6767

A Selection of Articles 


Grave Undertakings

  1. Article : 12 basic points

  2. Ferncliff Cemetery

  3. The Funeral of Marilyn Monroe

  4. The Funeral of Evita Peron

  5. The Funerals of New York Mobsters

  6. Gate of Heaven Cemetery




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