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A large number of books and articles will be mentioned and discussed during the semester. The student need not read them all, only those of particular interest to the student and those which appear as necessary preparation for answering the examination questions. The articles in the texts and collections cited in the Bibliography will form a common basis for discussions. Each student should at least look over the materials referred to in the calendar and in the study guide before coming to class so as to make the discussion as informed as possible. The instructor will attempt to go over the main points of each topic in class and not all the major points of each article or chapter.

No student should expect that merely by attending the lectures they will be able to do well on the assignments in the course. Students are expected to do at least the necessary readings for each topic listed as "Preparation" in the Study Guide before attending the lecture or participating in the discussion on that topic. The lecture will presume minimal acquaintance with the materials and will attempt to offer an approach to the topic which organizes the materials, highlights the major issues involved and assigns a relative degree of importance to each item or sub-topic.

Students may come across books, articles and poems treating important subjects and may make mention of them to the class. Keep aware of what is going on around you. Look into newspapers, magazines and TV presentations which deal with one or another aspect of death and dying.

In completing the written assignments reading and understanding the required text materials will be necessary as well as reflection and discussion in order to receive a satisfactory evaluation.


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